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Rebecca Raymond

Property Manager

Rebecca is a highly experienced property manager with a deep understanding of the local area. Having lived in the Bay of Plenty for most of her adult life, she has developed a strong connection with the community and knows the region like the back of her hand.

Rebecca's success in the business world is evident in her impressive track record of owning and operating successful businesses in the region. Her expertise in customer relations and management is a testament to her commitment to providing exceptional service to her clients.

One of Rebecca's core beliefs is that communication is key. She recognizes the importance of clear and consistent communication with her clients and tenants to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

In her spare time, Rebecca enjoys taking advantage of the beautiful local beaches and can often be found jogging along the waterfront or soaking up the sun. She is also a devoted mother and can frequently be seen shuttling her children to and from their various activities.

Overall, Rebecca's wealth of knowledge and experience in property management, combined with her dedication to exceptional customer service and communication, make her a valuable asset to any property owner or tenant.