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Ray White Tauranga

Ray White Tauranga

Ray White Bayfair

Ray White Beach Realty Rentals

Ray White Tauranga and Bayfair have heaps of local experts with years of combined experience who specialise in the marketing and selling, management and renting of your properties across the Bay of Plenty.

  • Ray White Tauranga
  • Ray White Bayfair

We service all of the Bay of Plenty region, not bound to certain areas.

We like to think we do things a little differently around here. We are enthusiastic and ambitious, we are humble but quietly achieve some pretty awesome results.

We are headed up by Rodney and Danielle Fong and our teams consist of both fresh faced and well known agents. We have a robust admin team to make sure boxes are ticked and we pride ourselves on years of doing business with integrity and honesty. Compliance, process and respecting the rules are key to how we operate – we do things by the book.

We have clients that have been with us for decades, generations of families and we have sold a huge number of homes across the region. We work hard, we’re focused and we’re not afraid of digging in when it matters the most.

Whether we’re guiding you through buying your first home, selling your last, assisting with an upgrade, a downsize or a reshuffle, managing an investment, renting you a home or anything in between, we will do our very best, – we are dedicated experts.

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